June 22, 2013: Nritya Sambhavana by Sravya Gundapaneni
The very first impression when Sravya ascended the stage to perform was this - here is a dancer with an exquisite stage presence tall and statuesque, a heart warming smile and those dramatic eye expressions that reached out to everyone in the audience. This first impression lasted throughout the evening creating a lasting impression till the last item and even beyond tonight’s show. In this evening’s performance, Sravya identified completely with the character she was portraying."
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June 15, 2013: Nritya Sambhavana by Abhaya Moturu
Yet another mesmerizing performance by Guru Mrinalini’s seventeen year old young Kuchipudi student, Kumari Abhaya Moturu In the Nritya Sambhavana that took place at Sterling Middle School on June 15th, Kumari Abhaya offered a unique Guru Dakshina to her Guru and Mentor, Smt Mrinalini. Mrinalini, while introducing Abhaya in her welcome speech, said, “ Abhaya is going to be the candle that is going to light up thousand other candles in Kalamandapam. “ Indeed, this is true- from the start to the finish, Abhaya demonstrated her complete mastery over this Art form in Kuchipudi in all three areas, Nritta, Natya and Abhinayam. " Read more »

May 18, 2013: Nritya Sambhavana by Sumalatha Malothu
Smt. Sumalatha Gollamudi, a disciple of Kuchipudi Guru Smt. Mrinalini Sadananda, dazzled the audience at SSVT Temple, Lanham, Md with “ Nrithya Sambhavana.” It was in every sense of the word a “ Sambhavana “ where a dedicated disciple honors her Guru and shows respect to the parampara by offering her Nritya as a Gift. " Read more »

Nov 5, 2012: "Guru Samarpana in USA"
Mrinalini Sadananda’s Radhika Krishna, a Jayadeva's ashtapadi in ragamalika, was the highlight of the program. She was very effective in conveying the bhava and hence deserves a special compliment. Her stage presence was commendable. The separation of Radhika from Krishna was exquisite. Her alluring expression evoked the rasa, the viraha, very clearly. She utilized the full scope of executing the charm of a young woman, who was in love and was unable to bear the separation from her beloved. Mrinalini has all the qualities needed for a stage artiste, beautiful face, nice figure and expressive eyes. Her vibrant movements at times must have stolen the heart of Krishna." Read more »

Oct 20, 2012: At the event in memory of Vempati Chinna Satyam
Vinitha Kumar wrote "your choice of a peacock colored blue saree was just right and your expressive eyes conveyed the "viraha" bhava perfectly ... the sky has millions of stars but one full moon is enough to light up the whole sky . Similarly , your performance illuminated the whole auditorium with its sheer brilliance!"

Nov 10, 2010: "A dance tribute to the great composers of Telugu origin"
A dance tribute was paid by Mrinalini Sadananda from Washington DC and Ragasudha Vinjamuri from London, to great composers of Telugu origin and the like who contributed immensely to Indian philosophy and thought. Read more »

Kalamandapam Student: Kamalakiran Vinjamuri
Compliment from TK Govinda Rao. Read more »

Who is Who in the Art and Culture of India
"Mrinalini Sadananda is an internationally recognized Kuchipudi dancer, an Indian classical dance. She is also a distinguished teacher and an outstanding choreographer. Mrinalini Sadananda belongs to a family of artists. All her seven brothers and sisters excelled in one art form or another. Her father Vinjamuri Parthasarathy Iyengar was an established lawyer but had keen interest in music and loved violin. Her mother Smt. Kamala Devi was a housewife and an excellent violinist." Read more »

June 29, 2009: "A Dance Ballet on Gautama Buddha"
Who else but Smt. Mrinalini Sadananda, a renowned Kuchipudi Dancer, an excellent Choreographer and now the Director of Kalamandapam, a Washington based Dance School, could come up with such an Enchanting Evening of Pure Dance and Melodious Music at the Kennedy Center on June 27th, 2009?" Read more »

July 29, 2008: "Extraordinary performance by Mrinalini Sadananda"
"I left the auditorium feeling as though I had just witnessed the events of Ramayana on July 12, 2008. The stories I had read as a child transformed into a living, breathing entity, and I felt Sri Rama and Sita appeared in front of me to re-enact their story. Such was the choreography of Mrinalini Sadananda." Read more »

Friday March 21, 2008: "An expression of form and talent"
Mrinalini’s performance reflected her vast experience. The Kafi Javali Parulanna mata was a cakewalk for the experienced artiste. Read more »

January 30, 2008: "A vibrant performance"
"It was the first time I watched Mrinalini's Kuchipudi dance recital at Ayyapan temple, Kodambakam, Chennai. I enjoyed her performance so much that I followed to her next program at Mahabalipuram." Read more »

August 19, 2007: Spectacular Performance in Chennai India by Divya Vinjamuri
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July 6, 2007: TANA 2007
TANA (Telugu Association of North America), presented awards to Smt. Mrinalini Sadananda and Shri Subash Vinjamuri in recognition for their Dedication and Creativity to the Arts and to the Community.

August 10, 2006: "Spellbinding Kuchipudi"
"Mrinalini Sadananda, presented a spellbinding Kuchipudi solo recital at Grand State University, Michigan, on 30th July 2006. It was the Divya Samadhi camp of Swami Chinmayananda, conducted by Swamy Tejomayananda of Chinmaya Mission. Devotees from all over the world attended the function." Read more »


"Mrinalini garu, very happy to see your performance. No words can describe it." -Pappu Venugopala Rao, comment on performance after seeing it on Youtube

"Retaining traditional purity, Mrinalini struck a perfect balance between Nritha, Nrithya, and Natya. The impeccable precision on Laya she achieved with a facial charm in her execution of Nritha by standing balanced on the rim of a brass plate was well appreciated." - Ramalinga Sastry, The Hindu Friday July 11th 1997

"Scintillating dance performance by mother daughter team." - India Globe [in reference to Mrinalini Sadananda and her daughter Keerthana Sidhaye]

 "Keethana's retention of saint Thyagaraja'krithi 'Kshera Sagara Sayana' She exploited her very fluid and expressive face to the hilt and lent a telling affect to the narration." - Ramalinga Sastry, The Hindu Friday July 11th 1997